Monday, May 16, 2011

Chicago, IL

I have been meaning to write a post on Chicago since my trip but life events have given me an excuse to be lazy. I visited the windy city for a relaxing two days to see my little sister. Prior to grad school, I made an effort to visit at least once a year and sometimes even three times to the point that the city had become a second home. But this time around, I felt like I really connected with it because we made an effort to explore neighborhoods rather than the typical sights.

Specifically, we explored Wicker Park, Buck town, and Lincoln Park. Each had its own identity which made the atmosphere completely different from that of downtown Chicago. Wicker Park is a trendy low key row of streets lined with small independent boutiques and cafes. Each shop is totally different from the next as well from those on State St. We started our day with brunch at Hot Chocolate and just as the name suggests, there were many different options for this comfort drink. But it was not what you would typically expect in terms of ambiance. There were moose and deer heads along with abstract paintings and brick walls all around. I had the espresso hot chocolate and was already scared for our food crawl because I was beyond full from just this. Oh yea, I should mentioned that my host had decided to take me all over Chicago for some of her fav dishes and this was just the first stop with about 10 more to go.  

After purchasing a few items meant to distract from life’s troubles, we headed to Buck town for some window shopping and people watching. This area is more for vintage items, tattoo parlors and record stores. We stumbled on a vintage fair and I scored a beautiful Burberry coat for dad! Of course mom wanted something equivalent or better but I couldn’t oblige this time around. Next was Lincoln Park for some customized jewelry shopping and then our food crawl began. In a span of 4 hours we managed to consume a burger, hot wings, frozen yogurt, a kebab roll, nihari and french fries. Needless to say, the next day we could barely eat anything.  

I should mention that Chicago has a lot to do in terms of sightseeing from Millennium Park, Hancock Building, Sears Tower, Lake Michigan, Museums, State St, Oprah show, Navy Pier and the deep dish pizza. You can easily spend a few days here and explore. I came to Chicago with an empty carry on and an appetite. I left stuffed, my carry on overflowing and my mind had enjoyed the much needed break!

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  1. I was supposed to go to Chicago this month, but it didn't work out. I've never been, I really hope I get to go soon!


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