Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I have been meaning to start this blog for a while now and after encouragement from a few persistent people, I finally got around to it today. At first I thought I would just showcase my travels but now have decided to expand the horizons a bit and speak to you all about other things that come to mind as well.

As soon as February rolled around, some of my friends had either been looking forward to Valentine's day or wishing it would come and go as quickly as this short month.  I have never really been an avid supporter or hater of this day of love but this year I have been pushed to declare my allegiance.

Honestly, I would never subject a significant other into conforming to all the hype and purchase flowers and the whole nine for me. And do not think this day is necessary to showcase your love for someone else. But after reading something today that made me smile, I can say that this day is ok in my books. The quote was- "On this Valentine's day I challenge us to not only say I love you to the ones who mean the most but to spread it to someone who needs it most..tell the annoying co-worker you appreciate all they do...tell the shy girl in the back of the class she is at your bus drive or the person looking aimlessly at the floor in the never know what hope and joy you might bring."

Though, we really should be doing these things on a daily basis. Some of us forget. The hectic schedule of life takes over and everyone gets embroiled with their daily to do lists and do not realize they can also impact someone's life with a small gesture. Maybe silly but I'll jump on the bandwagon..


  1. And i am the first to comment...ME LIKE!
    You made me read it all and it felt good. I do understand the little things that we dont do that make a difference in someone else´s life and the joy that that can bring in the future near or far.

    As it happens i did not get flowers last year as i always do from my father and this year he surprised me with a bunch of them...might i add that i am a lucky person to not only receive on V-day but every other day in the form of a phone call, a ride in his so much adored car lol...

    It is a normal day, one more normal day to love, to respect, to admire and to give. I am a fan of giving and you are giving i am giving back.

    Little giraffe...nice time give me a visual :)


  2. yea but VDay is about ROMANCE, not just love. And Im sorry, but Im not about to force romance on the weird person in the subway...I did that once and I got VD of another kind.

  3. Oh touché or should I just say touch-ee.

    I like you Sabeen thought Vday just seemed too organised. On this day once a year you WILL be romantic, thoughtful and pay double for a set menu in a restaurant.
    However romantic love is still love and can be shown not just by fondling weirdo's in the subway but through a sweet disposition, generosity and by giving your time and attention.
    I say thumbs up to a love day and thumbs up to your blog. Hoorah.


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