Friday, February 18, 2011


My 26th birthday is fast approaching and it has made me think about how fantastic my 25th year has been to me. Traveling wise, it was definitely a record year as I was able to travel to 13 countries and 45 cities, some old and some new. And I can officially say that I now need a break from visiting castles. I know. I had at least one trip planned for each month of the year and that is a stark difference from this year. I got nothing.

Besides exploring, I graduated and earned a Master's in something I am very passionate about- International Development. Development brings out the fire in me and am glad I decided impulsively to go back to school to further educate myself on the field. Not only did I learn more but I also gained an international family of friends. I miss them daily and am looking forward to the reunions.

I am impatiently waiting for the next phase to start since I am not known to be one that sits still. I hope becoming part of the 26-30 bracket brings me at least half the experiences and adventures of the last one. I am nervous!

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  1. yeah..each time i see big stones i think...CASTLE therefore...SABEEN lol :)


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