Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Im moving...again

When I writing about DC back in March, I really had no idea when I would be back but here I am getting ready to move down there tomorrow. My affinity for the city makes the move an even easier venture because I have always wanted to live there once in my life. Having great friends already there makes it even better.

I was offered an internship with an amazing women’s organization and so I am picking up and leaving New York City again but only for 3 months this time around. At least as of now..

Saying that I am excited would be an understatement since I am over the moon about immersing myself in the political and development culture of DC. What I had been missing most about my life in Birmingham was the conversations with friends about development issues and now I can finally have that around me once again. And I’m sure my world traveling/rural livelihood expert roommate will bring me up to speed on the current trends.

Since completing the Masters, I have been wanting to part of something that allows me to utilize what we learned and actually see it in action.  I’m sure I will regret saying this later because of course the real world is nothing like what we read about in our idealistic courses. Nonetheless, this change was much needed and off I go!

Of course this means that I will no longer be available to gchat and email as much as my heart desires during the day so I send apologies to my daily circle of friends that are sure to feel the impact. To my New Yorkers, you can never be replaced and wont. I'm sure ill see you soon.

Wish me luck!

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